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Johna Grace Willis

Johna is Michigan born and raised. She grew up on a blueberry farm near Lake Michigan, studied political theory at Michigan State University, and graduated Cum Laude from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School.  Johna’s passion is to serve her community. 
She has experience serving with a State of Michigan Senator,  a non-governmental organization at the United Nations in Switzerland, Muskegon County Prosecutor’s Office and Kent County Corporate Counsel. Johna’s work with Michigan healthcare programs, as well as two Michigan law firms as a paralegal, helped her gain an appreciation for serious injuries. Nobody asks to be injured, yet that injury has a devastating effect on a person’s life. Safety violations are preventable, and this is what makes personal injury law so important to Johna.
Her hope is to hold safety violators accountable so that fewer people have to experience what it’s like to live with an injury. While no one wants something bad to happen to them, Johna will be there to help if an insurance company decides saving money is more important than paying what they promised to someone who’s been harmed.